Saturday, September 25, 2010

Well I finally was able to make it to Bad Melisa's to get the gift certificate my mom gave me for my birthday in August! What a treat to have it waiting for me. After moving and seeing all the fabric I have, it is hard to "justify" getting more..."well I had to spend the gift certificate dear". I got lots of goodies and was inspired by Sarah no blog and Gretchen to sew some bags. I got a cute pattern that uses the clear quilters vinyl. Something new to try. Bad Melisa assured me with this pattern I would be safe not getting a teflon foot. I think I was in a "French General" mood...That Moda man!


  1. He is getting oh so much harder to control-now that he has seen the world! And you just won't beleive the antics at quilt camp

  2. Love your bag fabric, can't wait to see the bags.

  3. Bags...I want to make those bags. And I have soooo much free time to do that..

    Struggling with Office 2010...I want my old one back I was soo much faster.


  4. I have the same layer cake and Christmas charm packs. Great fabric! Gift certificates are like a Advance to Go card in Monopoly:) Can't let them expire:)