Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weird items to move...

I wonder what the movers who give online estimates think about when weird items are listed. DH and I were filling out for a local mover to give us an estimate and started laughing about it. Now it could be that we have been working non stop, but I bet the person who will do the estimate will think...

"Normal living room furniture, normal dining room items...hmmmm what is this? 13 bookcases? Boy they must love books. Exercise equipment..good. Washer, dryer, refrigerator...check. What? Tall bird cage and bird exercise/playground stand. Must like animals. Interesting...weaving loom. OMG folding white sewing table, 2 sewing cabinets, 3 3 drawer sewing cabinets, 2 6 drawer sewing cabinets...serger table, sewing table...and then quilting machine and stand (will be broken down) this woman must love to sew!"

I would love to hear their comments! k


  1. I am sure they have seen much stranger things.

  2. We might be really surprised at some of the items that they move! We'd need one truck for our Bar-b-que collection. Just saying:)

  3. I'm sure that any quilter can relate to all your sewing stuff. I don't know if I would trust a mover with mine, though.