Friday, June 25, 2010

Good for the soul...

It is always a good idea to laugh with some friends when one is sad due to circumstances beyond one's control. I did this today for a few hours and do feel much better! Life is just throwing too much at me at the moment and I am trying to "adjust" to them. Enough whining!

Dumpster Boy (aka DH) is filling up a large container of "junk" as he puts it. I never have seen a man so happy to get rid of "stuff".

I received a happy email today also...adding to my joy. UGA was not sure I was going to "qualify" for my Reading Endorsement since I am a "service" degree being a media specialist who was not a teacher I had to call and ask them to try. Happy dance because I got it...which I really should have since I did all 3 semesters of reading endorsement classes. (these had tons of guess what? Reading...haha....and we actually got to tutor a student with reading issues all summer. My guy did wonderful!!!) more money for it, but the knowledge will help me match kids with books even better.

Speaking of books, I am reading some for the Gwinnett Readers Rally middle school competition.

I read Bringing the Boy Home by N. A. Nelson which I was not sure I was going to like at first. The author had a twist that I really thought made the book one kids would think about. Great book for middle schoolers.

Another one is Diamond Willow by Helen Frost. Again a great choice. This one had adventure and I would consider it more of a realistic fiction selection. It included forest animals' thoughts and how they looked after the main character. Recommend for upper elementary and middle school.

With those complete, I am now on the Gollywhopper Games by Jody Feldman...yes that is the title. Again it is is blamed for embesseling funds from the company he works at (innocent) and his son gets chosen to participate in the "games". Reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the golden ticket. This selection would also be great for kids who love math. Recommend for elementary and middle school.


  1. Great to see you yesterday. I finished Bring the Boy Home, have one more to go, The Dragon's Egg.

  2. Congratulations on getting the Reading Endorsement! It sounds like your "summer reading" is coming along nicely.

  3. Super! Glad you have your actual reading endorsement. It was wonderful getting together. Friends, laughter and sewing are the best medicine. Did me a world of good!