Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just keeps on ticking...

Well, I definitely am back in the EdS mode. The drive to Athens each Wednesday is going to kill me. 2 drives down, 13 more to go. At least I now have a parking sticker to the new garage which is not too far away from the building I am in.

I have been reading about anthropomorphism and pourquoi tales! Some are great while others are very strange indeed! We are reading "around the world" and our first stop has been Africa. I like most of the illustrators I have encountered in these tales and their techniques are so different.

Anyway I have also have been brushing up on my google.doc, sites, importing, etc for my applied project. Whew! This is a job. I get to do analytical "stuff" in Excel and just learned how to do that Saturday in class. Now I get to find the standard deviation of...and the mode of...and the inverse back flip of...(only kidding).

I have been knitting a Noro scarf (thanks Becky) and have finished it and a few other UFO knitting
items...scary that I have done that. But wait, I've accomplished more. I have all of my 16 patch blocks for our recent swap complete. I need to do the pinwheel blocks, but feel good about the progress on the others.
Now back to googling ;o)

Oh and for those who like to knit...check out brooklyn tweed. His stuff is to die for...k


  1. You are so bad, I haven't even looked at all of the fabric from our swap.

  2. I bestow upon you a great honor:

  3. Hi, Kristie! I am also a librarian and quilter, but lately I've been reading way more than quilting. Thanks to Jim over at Teacher Ninjas for pointing out your blog!