Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Computer

I purchases a new computer today(just the CPU)...would have been nice if my old one decided to sputter out when it was tax free time, but I must say it was very easy to buy online at Circuit City and then pick it up 24 minutes later! No crowds, no hassles. It does come with the new Microsoft Vista and at school we use XP...hope that doesn't pose a problem!
Tomorrow it is back to school with the little ones. This past week we have all been getting ready for exciting! I haven't quilted at all this week. Plan to do some today ;o) I have lots of jelly rolls to create with...thanks to Bad Melisa.


  1. Hope you have better luck with Vista than Steve has--I think it requires patience...

  2. Bad Melisa can't wait to see what you do with all those jelly rolls!

  3. Good Luck the first day of school. Nothing better than a new box of crayons and a new lunch box with a note from mom inside.


  4. Hope you had a great first day.