Thursday, July 10, 2008


Went to Sweet Home Quilts in Conyers today. It's Melisa's fault I bought the new Portugal bundle...yes it is her fault, no questions about it! I am deciding between 2 patterns for these wonderful fabrics. I also bought some batting for projects I need to quilt...just need the time.
I worked today on a couple of quilt projects. One was 'Twas the Night Before pattern by Crabapple Hill. I "cut" my borders and lining fabric for the embroidery, traced border 1 and 2 and hand basted these 2 borders to the lining fabric. I have never embroidered thru 2 fabrics for a quilt...something new to try. I bought the kit from Homestead Hearth online.I also worked on a jelly roll I bought from Melisa...yes that Melisa makes you spend money!! Too many wonderful fabrics and so close! It is from Moda Fabrics also...Winter Jelly Roll by Minnick & Simpson. I just had to buy a new jelly roll book to make a quilt with the jelly roll I was going to purchase...Right?
I am currently listening to a children's fantasy book called Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton and must say I really like it. It has two storylines going right now...a past and a present that is connected to a book with no writing in it...or so we think.
My summer is winding down because I notice I do not have many "free" days left. Granted some of them are going to be at Stitch In (my first ever), but time is slipping away for all those things I had planned to do...such is life.


  1. Hello, keep up your nice blog.

  2. It is so gratifying to know that I have found my true calling in life - helping other quilters spend their money!!!

    I love the new Crabapple Hill patterns - I just can't decide which to start first.

  3. Oooo that Melisa--she's a sneaky one. Now I *have* to go see this new Moda fabric in person...You are going to LOVE the jelly roll book; I have THREE quilts already planned from that book!!!!! Jelly rolls are sooooo addictive.

  4. OK so I heard you got to Sweet Home before Tricia, Debbie and time lets just coordinate the trips!
    Can't wait to see the Crabapple Hill quilt and how you are setting it up!

    Boy do I have two surprises for YOU!


  5. I can't even look at the pictures on your blog. Too many temptations! I be that Portugal line looks even better that the picture.

    Take care!