Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friendship Braid Quilt

I am almost done with the piecing of the Moda Winter jelly roll purchased recently...just need to buy and put the borders on. This means another road trip to Sweet Home because I was not sure what border fabric I wanted at the time. I saw the UPS man there last time unloading and I bet there will be more goodies for me to buy.
I like the clear pictures and directions in the Jelly Roll book, but I do have a few tips if others are going to make the Friendship Braid Quilt. I did not have the exact ruler they said to use and modified one of my others...worked fine, but wonder if my pieces would have not been off a hair when joining. It also has you press all seams in the same way on all the braids. I hate not having opposing seams if it is at all possible. So for the 1st for "braids", starting with the light, I pressed them as was stated. For the 2nd set, I press the opposite way they said. It is not as "easy" to press, but I felt the time here was well worth the opposing seams when sewing. I first pressed from the back lightly to direct the seams and then did the right side. Also BIAS, BIAS, BIAS....if you are making this quilt, you will know what I mean! I am looking thru my stash to make a couple others in the book. Definitely a keeper of a book.

Poppy is so funny. She was exploring a bird bell today. Big deal...right? Let's just say it makes a nice hat...wish I had the camera. I also bought something today I really should not have...everyone will have to wait to see ;o). k


  1. Now you're leaving us in suspense. Not fair!!! Can't wait to see the jelly roll braid quilt (and thanks for the tips as I will probably make this one too...)

  2. How unfortunate that you will need to make another trip to Sweet Home? Bring your top to Sisters this weekend! Post pictures of Poppy when you can!

  3. Well that is just not fair...I'm curious and I want to know just what this new purchase is??


  4. Hello! I too am making the Friendship Braid Quilt, and I am having a hard time with the ruler business. I cannot seem to figure out how to make the ruler "flip or turn" or whatever those directions mean. When I do, it obviously can't be cut on the right straight side because then it would be too long...can you possibly post a pix of the ruler you used and how you managed to make it work? Pam in Chico