Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another jar and what to do?

I have had the best time quilting (of course!) this past weekend at Stitch 'n Sisters club. I worked on a new pattern that we have the choice of doing for the month, Firecrackers by Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow. I wanted to use something in my immense stash to feel like I am making progress in reducing it (HAHAHA!). I used 2 Calico Craze charm packs from Moda and designed by Brackman & Clothier Thompson. The quilt will have a more olden day look to it than the picture in the pattern. I ended up purchasing a neutral, a pinky mauve for the center squares and a brown for the firecrackers. I wasn't sure I was going to do the "firecracker" part only because of the size of the triangles and I saw the quilt done without them also looked great. I decided to go ahead and am glad I did...seems to tie colors together. Of course with just charm packs I did not have anything for the borders...yes the fabric line is I did actually find some online and will be having that shipped to me soon...I am not sure using my stash "saved" me any money with the extras I have purchased for the quilt, but oh well, I will have a nice quilt to show for it.
Now the story about the jar...
In a recent quilt magazine I saw that someone made their bindings when they finished the tops and put them a clear jar so they knew where they were, didn't use the fabric for something else, and it was also decorative. This summer I have been organizing and making backings and bindings for quilts that I need to quilt. I really like making tops and it is very noticeable especially when I have already filled my binding jar (which is a good size) and now I need another one ;o)
Now with all this binding to put on a quilt, one would think that during the stitch in I would work on these...nope! I still have not decided what I will be doing tomorrow when I go to quilt for 12 hours with my Stitch 'n Sisters.

One last photo...I have had some friends ask about my other family members...furry or feathery... and I have taken a picture of the first parrot I have ever owned, Purl. She is a lilac crowned amazon with attitude. She helps me with my pirate stories at school and the kids love her. She is a vain girl because all she really says is "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Purl" or "Purl's a good girl". She LOVES birdy bells and her eyes "pin" when she rings them. This means the pupil goes back and forth from little to big very fast because she is excited. She is a pretty girl!


  1. I have the same problem; everytime I try to use stash, I end up having to buy fabric to finish the project. Maybe this busting stash bit isn't all it's cracked up to be LOL! Can't wait to see "Firecrackers" in a different colorway. I think I have a charm pack of the same line somewhere in the HUGE charm square basket. Love the photo of Purl--she is a pretty bird!!! Can't wait to hear what you get accomplished at Stich In!

  2. I think Purl should come to the Stitch In. The way her mom was throwing fabric in the air she would get a kick out of that!! Such fun yesterday. I will miss you today and tomorrow and can't wait for your triumphant return on Thursday. Kasey maybe homesteading in your absence!! (I finished the 12 smart bags!)

  3. Can't wait to see your Firecrackers. I love the charm packs you used. Purl is so cute. I know the kids at your school love her.

  4. Thanks for educating us about parrots! You would love Max, the Bad-Talking Parrot. It is an old Georgia Book Award winner, but is out-of-print.

    Keep filling those jars! You'll know what binding you planned to use when you do quilt those quilts. Sometimes, I can't remember what fabric I purchased for bindings.