Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Well it is snowing here in North Louisiana!  Everything shuts down pretty much if there is a hint of ice or snow.  This is a good thing. I do love how pretty the snow looks, but hate it when DH has to go back and forth to work in it. He did say he would come home early today.
Been knitting and glad I finished my "cold snap" hat by the Plucky Knitter on Ravelry.  I took a picture of it on the deck where the snow can be seen in the background. The hat is nice and warm.
Here are Toby's footprint and Peanut's.  Love the contrast. Toby likes the snow and Peanut is not too sure of it...the pugs will have nothing to do with it and it is like pulling teeth to get them even to go out to do their business.  Hope all of you are nice and warm.


  1. Enjoy your winter weather!! Love the little and big paw prints :)

  2. Great photo of the dog paws. My Rusty hates snow and rain:)