Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Vertigo: noun  [ver-tij-uh

a dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings or of being intilting or spinning surroundings.

Okay well that is what the doctor said I have....among other things.  This is what is driving me crazy and I am not getting anything done.  I am better today, but still feel like I am on a boat. And how does the doc know I am in stable surroundings?  Haha.

Any how, I got with the LQS and set up a few classes they would like taught this quarter.  
Another basket class....everythingon my end is set for that one! Just need to know how many people will take it.

I suggested a Hunters Star Quilt with Deb Tucker's ruler. They have not used this before and I know they should love it....especially no Y-seams. 

Then a small paper piecing one by request of a former student.  I will be sharing all that the master Debbie F. showed me how to do with this technique when I was in Georgia.

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