Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You wouldn't believe it...

It looked like a storm was coming when DS and I went to get Peanut's stitches out from a growth he had removed. Every thing was fine with him.  It started to rain on the way home and was quite windy. I saw my neighbor sweeping her porch and she started to "mime" to me something in the back I looked. 
You wouldn't believe it...another one of their trees fell onto our fence and in the end of our yard. One has to laugh since it is all to familiar to what happened last year. She said they were going to get that tree removed and the lone standing one also.  

I said I would call DH at work and let him know she was going to get the process started with their insurance. I call DH and laughed and said at least it wasn't two trees in the yard like last year.

Oh well...back to walking the 5 dogs on leashes for a while...they are good about it, but they love to run better.

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