Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yes I am alive!

Okay, well it seems that blogging has not been my thing lately.  So my pug, P. Buddy...(like Peabuddy or PEE Buddy!) decided to take some selfies of him and the "new" pup to the family.

"Hey Mom, trying some selfies for you so people know you are still well...don't mind the stuff coming out of my nose...didn't want to sneeze and get on camera."
"Hmm...trying to get the new kid in the pic...not too good yet. These little buttons are hard to push."
"Not bad...he looks cute resting on my back...but don't think this is a good one of me."
"Here we go people...see he is cute, but not as handsome and wise as me."
"And my personal favorite is where I have proof that my job is done...he's sleeping. Oh and Toby took this legs were not long enough."


  1. Too cute! Miss you friend!
    Lisa B

  2. Love the new member of the family. Miss you.