Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update on trees...

Well, the trees are still down in the backyard.  I am not a happy camper.  Yesterday one of the neighbors came over and said that they had to cut the fence for the tree man to work on the tree.  Great so we have a tree cutting man coming?  Nope...he is still getting estimates. So this means that I have to walk each dog on a leash in the backyard.
I know why the other neighbor has been waiting...he had a tree on the other side of his yard hit a neighbor's house...they had house damage.  Need to fix house before our fence.  Get that.  Plus I think it is going to cost a few thousands of $$$ to remove the one tree leaning on the others. Poor guy.
What I have learned about insurance concerning trees:

  • If your tree falls in a neighbor's yard, you pay for it.  Insurance doesn't cover it.
  • If a neighbor's tree falls in your yard, your insurance might cover it and his will not. Yes, even though his tree damaged your property.  
  • Now if that said tree fell into the lake, the owner of the tree's insurance will cover the cost to remove...I guess it is considered community property.
  • It is too confusing to figure out! Just fix it so my pups can run around again.

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  1. Hope you get it taken care of soon. I know the dogs will be glad.