Friday, April 5, 2013

Starting to rest

Well Bob and I have been unpacking, finding new places to grocery store, gas station, restaurants...usual stuff and now I think I have it down.  I still need to get my library card, but that is hopefully going to happen tomorrow.
The dogs are getting comfortable with the surroundings and the wildlife as you can see with Toby below.
It is rather funny because they will NOT go into the water.  Buddy "fell" in today trying to drink out of this big water dish and was able to get out quicker than I could get there.  He definitely did not like it.  All the other dogs came by to see if he was's not like he can't swim or anything!
I have been working on the Snowbound Quilt along with Pat and it is so close to being done!  I only have to find my embroidery threads to finish off to find that box!

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  1. Have you sighted the Duck Dynasty people yet?

    Miss you bunches!