Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Had to have and are you a Prioner?

Still unpacking and will be for a while. I am organizing things at the same time and trying to figure where things could go since I have the time now to do this.

We have pretty much unearthed all the "gadget" things I need for sewing except I could not find my Best Press spray bottle.  I am sure I will find it, I just need it now!  So I went to my local quilt store,  Quilt N Stitch to get some.  Bingo they even had the "flavor" I like.

I have been thinking a lot about pressing and ironing lately...go figure.  Anyways recently on a blog (sorry I can't remember which one) there was a great simple description of both...ironing:  the iron moves on the fabric...pressing...iron is lifted up and down on fabric.  (Very simplistic for my point).  

I believe I am neither of these when I use the iron for quilting....I "prion".  Yes this is a new word just for us that press and iron their blocks.  I maybe shouldn't admit this, but I do move the iron when pressing/ironing 1/2 square triangles open or seams to one side.  I don't iron hard to where the fabric is stretched, but I do move the iron to help me put the seam or fabric in the direction it needs to go.  I also setting the seam, pressing a block or I have decided for all of us who do not iron or press that we are "PRIONERS"  and proud of it. Are you one?

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