Monday, March 11, 2013

Found the Iron...

You know when you go out and buy something that you just cannot do without? Odds are that you will find it that day or the next...well I now I get to return the iron I didn't use yet.

It is rather hard to do freezer paper applique without an iron as I am doing in the Snowbound Quilt Along.  With a million boxes marked "Sewing Room" to go thru after the move I just knew I wasn't going to find it anytime soon and time was ticking away.  So I went out and got a cheap one to get me thru....Bob found it that night when we digging in boxes. Yippy!

I was able today to get caught up on the Dixie Diary BOM from Barbara Brackman. I appliqued stars in the middles and used star fabric from the Metropolitan line.  I think I will set them on point by making the block be the center of a square in a square block.  Hoping the other fabrics in the collection will add more color this way.


  1. Great blocks!! I am doing the on-point setting too. And hooray for finding the iron!

  2. Love your blocks, wish I could get caught up. I have been too busy dyeing wool.