Friday, May 13, 2011

Last week...

Hey there, Buddy here...aka P. Buddy or NO! Buddy, looking for a job for my "dad".  Hard working, honest guy who loves numbers and computers and keeping track of others' money.  Give good belly rubs and picks up all of the 4 legged ones "business".  Cuts the grass so that the ones of us with little legs can run through it.  Good at "cooking" dog grain.  Loves to go on walks with big dogs. 

Yup... was let go last week.  They asked if they could give him 4 weeks notice.  Weird situation...they are hiring a new vp and want him to meet with the new vp for 4 weeks...but they need to hire one first.  So he could be working for 1 month or 3. 

Good thing mom still has a job...with little ones like me, Buddy, but they only have 2 legs and are not as furry as me and my siblings.
P. Buddy


  1. What a bummer! I'm so sorry.

  2. Hey Buddy...Sophie Here!
    Don't worry the same thing happened to my dad. It all works out in the end! You may need to cut down on the Frosty Paws but when things turn around you will be back in the sirlion.