Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A week off..

Schools out for "spring break".  I must say that many people needed this break due to the "snow make up days" being used.  I have enjoyed sleeping in and just relaxing with the dogs.  I did make a trip to the public library to get lots of books on tape to listen to...yes kids books.  I recently finished Owl Tree by Jenny Nimmo.  I liked her Charlie Bone series...creepy and mystical.  The Owl Tree will be a good story for 2nd or 3rd graders....although I found it rather weird that the kids' grandmother would let them call the recluse neighbor..."the Monster".

Now on to quilting...have block 13 & 14 done as shown below.  I saw Gretchen at Sweet Home (picking up the Thangles BOM that she has hooked me on) and thought I had done 13, but didn't remember where I put it.  Well I find out that I didn't even do I had to catch up.  I am up-to-date with Sweet Home BOM and Civil War BOW.  

 I have been working on the bijillion small pieces to make this kit I have been working on...still sewing and sewing and sewing....I might finish it in 2015!  
Almost done with the Swap 4 ladies that you have been waiting on.  For preliminary fabric so you can go through your stashes...It looks like 13 FQ neutrals (more beigy/taupe tone on tone), 5 FQ shirtings (need to be lighter and contrast with the neutral above.)' and 7 dark reproduction. Cutting directions will be available at the next Thimbles.


  1. Excited to hear the preliminary report on Swap 4. Sleeping, reading, dogs - doesn't get much better than that!

  2. Looking forward to our next swap. See you on Friday.