Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Well as I was driving to Bad Melisa's for her great sale at
6:30 in the morning, I saw the crowds at Best Buy, Walmart and Target. I thought, "Boy those people are nuts getting up so early to face those crowds...I hope there is still a parking space at Sweet Home when I get there." Okay...well I am nuts too!

I get to Melisa's and parked in the back in the dirt...Yes there was a space. Saw Gretchen's truck, Xena...goody company to shop with. Entered the shop and I noticed that Melisa was not dressed in black...hmm thought that would be appropriate...come to think of it, I wasn't in black either...make note for next year to wear black to Melisa's. This was the only store I went to today...I was there for the 30% off everything! I did very well and paid cash so there is not a paper trail! Have to think of these things ahead of time with a DH as an accountant.

I bought Fandango line to make a quilt out of a Nickel Quilt book, backing for a Quilt for a Cause (8 1/4 yards!), 3 books, thread, end of bolt finds, and only brought one bag in the house....the other is still hiding in the car ;o)

I will post the picture of the quilt I am going to make with the Fandango line when blogger starts cooperating with loading the images.


  1. So great to see you today!!! That was lots of fun, much more fun than standing in line at Target or Macy's. My mom was jealous; she wanted to fly down for the sale lol!

  2. So glad that you made the sale! I was there in "spirit". Thursday was a "BIG" day and zapped my energy for Friday. I did some shopping online to console myself:) Would have loved to have shopped at Sweet Home. Hope your holiday was a good one.