Thursday, July 8, 2010

You just have to laugh...

Well the closing on the house yesterday went well...just have a hand cramp from signing all those papers! Just kidding. It was all the way in Roswell and I am glad we have been through it a few times before. It was very easy! Our real estate agent was there as well as our "loan man". They were both great through the whole process.

When we were waiting for the A-Okay that they received the funds, we were just making small talk and found out something that just makes you wonder about the world we live in. Our "loan man" said that we did not pass the "fraud test" when qualifying for the loan...Well I must say we have an extremely high credit rating (DH is an accountant and I a former one) and were putting over 1/2 of the sales price down so we wondered about this. What it was is that with the amount of our income, we were not buying a high enough priced we failed the fraud test on that. Crazy or what! Hmmm...I would like to retire some time and so would DH. Also we are good with our financing...just ridiculous! We said that we were fine with failing that!

The roofers are there today putting on the new top...glad I am not there hearing the bang, bang boom or seeing the mess. Right Pat?

Going over tonight to bring a few more things.



  1. There are some tests you just don't need to pass. Glad the closing is done. Now, you can move forward into your new home! Congratulations!

  2. Get out of there...the hammering will make you nuts.

    I hope you are enjoying the new home. How are the animals surviving?