Monday, June 9, 2008


One might not understand why the title of this blog is M.S. Dolittle Quilter. I have always liked to think of names that might have double meanings or need to be read into more to fully here is the explaination of the blog name.
Quilter is obvious. I love to quilt, read about quilts, buy fabric for quilts, anything to do with quilting...I'm there.
M.S. could stand for Ms. Smith, but it does not. It is an abbreviation for my profession. I am an elementary school Media Specialist in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.
Dolittle is definitely not because I "do little" in quilting! It is because I have a "zoo" at my house. I love animals! I am particularly fond of dogs and parrots.
So there you have it...the origins of M.S. Dolittle Quilter. k

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  1. Great name! I figured out the Dolittle, but missed the M.S. Dah! Love that you have Harry as your first title on your book shelf :))))

    Welcome to blogging!